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Mr John Darbyshire


I must say a big "THANK YOU" to Chairman Jack Colbert and the 99% of the Parish Council, for supporting the Ladies Bowling team, after one of the Parish Councillors, tried to stop the Ladies using the bowling green.

Ms Tracey


Does anyone know why Harrow Drive is/was called Peter Pan Park? I had lived in Aintree for 20+ years and had never heard of this until the other day. Thanks

Mr Billy Willcox


Hello A wonderful site that evokes great memories I used to drink in Old Roan Pub as my local back in early 1970's before migrating to Australia. My nephew David Willcox used to drink there also but apparently is now closed down. My late Brother Allan and his wife Sue have a house around the corner from the Blue Anchor Pub and Ive enjoyed a few beers there over the years upon my return. We have many ancestors from the area and the Glover and Sutton family are related directly to us along with many other names from the Aintree, Ormskirk, Melling areas. if you think you know me or are related please email me Thank you Billy Willcox

Mr Chas Williams


We have over the last 16 years being restoring a 1952 vintage lorry. we understand it was owned by a haulage company called Greenwood Brothers of Aintree. But have been unable to find out any information about them.Can anybody be of any help please

Hi Chas, the only information that may be of help are the following links

We are sorry if this doesn't help, good luck with your search.

Guestbook Graeme Murray (Retired 11 years)


Have many good memories of the Old Roan, Aintree Davenhill and my old school friends like Les Cannell. Last time in conversed with him he was living in Australia. I lived on Altway till moving to Canada in 1967. Have revisited Aintree a number of times, most recently when my Mother & Father passed.

Mr Phil Shenton


Great to see pictures of Hunters House from over 100 years ago. I have lived in Aintree on and off for 25 years from 1974 including living in Hunter House with my Granddad. I believe he had the house from the late 70s to 1991.

Mrs Jean Dobson (née Molyneux) (Old Roan Baptist Church)


Great informative website. As a "Molyneux" prior to marriage it has been interesting to learn of the efforts of the Molyneux family to enhance the land, bringing in drainage, and contributing to the prosperity of the area.

- Howard Johnston (-)


I grew up in Aintree in the 1960's and 1970's. I was always very fond of the old tree in Bullbridge Lane - which we all referred to as the 'Aintree'; even though we knew it wasn't the original. That tree was probably only a couple of hundred years old - not over a 1000 years! However, the notion that it couldn't be saved is false. Sefton Borough Council - to their eternal shame - felled that tree before a proper study could be undertaken. It wasn't nearly as sick or as dangerous as they suggested. That was a complete dismissal of democratic involvement by some pen-pusher in Bootle who wanted an easy life.

Mr Derek Meadows


I would like a copy of the Aintree Past and Present book; how do I get one? I have traced my family back to 1767 when Thomas Meadows (Yeoman of Halsall) married Margaret Abbey and lived at Abbey Farm in Aintree. It seems they were a well known family in the area, with Margaret's brother being Richard Abbey, a successfull potter. I am now looking to find out more about the Abbey family before this date and would be grateful for any information to help me.

Mrs Tremaine Owen


I was thrilled to see this website and pictures of my Great Great Uncle Leigh Richman and his pub , the Blue Anchor Inn. An Interesting website. New Zealand.

Mrs Pat Anders (Old Roan Baptist Church)


I just wanted to say how great this website is it has a lovely "feel" about it, a sense of the community comes across really well and it is informative. congratulations

mrs pamela jones


does anyone have information about a cottage on the corner of park lane and ormskirk road I think the family there were related to my grandmother, who lived in brittania villas, opposite the queens arms on warbreck moor. I think the cottage was demolished to make way for road widening,because brittania villas lost their front garden during the roadworks..I think the name of the family living in the cottage was hegarty.

Mr. Les Cannell (Les Cannell Draughting)


I lived in the 21houses in Melling till I was 21 when I emigrated to Australia. I attended Aintree Davenhill School, when it was still in the church huts and shortly moved over the road to the new school. After this I attended Maghull Secondary. I did an apprenticeship at JJ Smith located behind the "new" Horse and Jockey. I can remember when it was the other side of the road. I have fond memories of my time at Aintree Davenhill.

Harold Carter


I've lived in Canada for 48 years and spent many holidays in Aintree with family and friends. Found the village incredible clean and the people very friendly for a pint or two in the Blue Anchor. I've also enjoyed many walks along the canal and Look forward to my next visit in the near future. Harold Carter Mississauga, Canada

Ms. Angela Forsyth


A great website. Thank you. I have missed not being able to keep up with what is going on in Aintree. I now live in Oregon U.S.A. but Aintree holds a very special place in my heart. Kindest regards to everyone. Angela

Mrs Elizabeth Smithson


Many thanks for this website. It has made my paternal family history come to light. Regards, Elizabeth.
Ulladulla, NSW, Australia.

mr rob anderson


hi does anyone know of a family called Anderson who used to run a public house in Aintree in the 1930s,40s?

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