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Aintree Village Parish Council


Closing date for nominations:- Friday 11th October 2019


Aintree Village Parish Council is seeking nominations for   Civic Awards as shown below. If you wish to nominate anyone or require further   information please contact Mo Kundi, Council Manager and Parish Clerk at 


  Civic Award - This award recognises   an individual’s exceptional and continued commitment, and outstanding   contribution, to the life of the community of Aintree Village over a   considerable period of time, typically for a period exceeding ten years.

The award   recognises individuals who support the community and make a difference time   and time again, with a real commitment to others who live, work or learn in   Aintree Village and includes volunteering, community work, helping neighbours   or carrying out exceptional deeds, though not through paid employment. 


Community Involvement Award - This award recognises   individuals or community and voluntary groups based in Aintree Village who   have made a positive contribution to the local community – people or a group   who make an extra effort to bring the community together or those who go out   of their way to help others or run a charity in their own time.

This award is for those who   make an outstanding contribution to the community; whether it’s popping in on   a neighbour every day, organising or supporting community groups or events,   or improving the locality for the benefit of everyone, though not through   paid employment.


Community Environment   Award - This   award is for those who have made a significant difference to the conservation   and protection of Aintree Village. 

This award highlights those people who work to   celebrate or protect the environment we live in. It could be someone who   champions recycling, is passionate about protecting and conserving the   environment or involved with an environmental project in Aintree Village,   though not through paid employment


Community   Sport Award - This category recognises sporting endeavour, whether it’s playing,   organising or contributing to local sports development or coaching. This   award is for those who have achieved in any sport and recognises achievements   for performances and representing their sport at local, national or   international level..

They may have   overcome adversity such as illness or disability to achieve a personal goal.   It is also to celebrate and thank those who give their time for working   ‘behind the scenes’ for teams, clubs and groups.


Youth Person Award   – This award   recognises a young person or group of young people, aged 18 and under, who have made a positive   contribution to the local community and demonstrated exceptional community   spirit and civic responsibility.

Nominations can be for excellence displayed in a number of fields, including   success in subjects that are not normally recognised or awarded in other   ways, for acts of bravery, kindness in helping others, outstanding commitment   for caring for others or improving their community.

About Us

Parish Councils are the third tier of local government. They may choose to call themselves a Parish or Town Council depending on the number of residents, but this does not alter their status or responsibilities. Aintree Parish Council, now known as Aintree Village Parish Council , was established in 1895 and consists of twelve voluntary Parish Councillors who are elected for a four year term of office to serve and administer needs of the residents of Aintree Village. It employs a part time Clerk to the Council and a part time Responsible Finance Officer to implement policy decisions. Funding is raised by a precept on each residential property in the Parish of Aintree Village.


Aintree Village Parish Civic Award 2018


Aintree Village Parish Council Young Person's Award being presented  to 

Grace Brady, who is 5 year  by Mayor of Maghull, Councillor Carragher  with the Chairman of Aintree Village Parish Council Mike Carter. 

Aintree Village Parish Civic Award 2018


Aintree Village Parish Council Community Environment Award being presented  to 

Mike Scully  by Bill Esterson MP, with the Chairman of Aintree Village Parish Council Mike Carter.  

Aintree Village Parish Council Civic



Aintree Village Parish Council Civic Award being presented to Glyn Owen by the Mayor of Sefton, Councillor Dave Robinson, and the Chairman of Aintree Village Parish Council, Councillor Mike Carter.  

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